Office Cleaning Service

​​Experience matters in office cleaning

An experienced Office Cleaning Service will demonstrate that experience in a number of ways:

Detailed Cleaning and Thorough Cleaning is getting all the dust, dirt, in high traffic areas but also in areas that dont get much traffic. It might mean corners of a room, or perhaps behind a door, or it even might mean a ledge of a bookcase. An experienced Office Cleaning Serivce will notice these areas where perhaps a inexpericed service will just keep oon going.

Standards, and Consistancy  that have been developed over many years of doing office cleaning. We have been cleaning offices for nearly 20 years and we do have experience at Keeping customers happy. Consistancy is derived by cleaning the same proven way every time. We have high standards and dont leave until the area is cleaned and the job is done.

The pain stops now

​We understand that Searching for a Office Cleaning Service can be painful and not a very pleasant item on your to do list. We get it. In fact we will go a step further and say You should never have to think about your Office Cleaning Crew. Why?  Well, we come, usually after normal business hours, Clean your Office to your specification, and then we leave. The next morning, you come in to a nice Clean Office, do your work, and then leave for home. There is nothing in your day that says you need to do anything or have any concern about your Office Cleaning Service.
This is the essence of how we clean your office, and how we approach each and every cleaning. This approach is what makes us different, and if we have done our job right, cleaning will never cross your mind.


First, We need to make an assessment of your office cleaning needs. We can do that over the phone, or an email, however we prefer to meet in person, at your convenience, and actually get a visual of the condition of your office, as well as your expectations for Office Cleaning, then make a plan together for keeping your office clean.

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We are a Commercial Cleaning Service, family owned and operated. We have been cleaning since 1999 in the South Carolina Upstate area including Greenville, and Spartanburg.

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Office Cleaning​ and what you should expect


​​(864) 249-5555

  ​​​​​A sample of our office cleaning    service may include:

  • Complete office dusting and we mean everything.
  • Vacuuming  carpet, mats, stairs, vents
  • Professional Floor Care including cleaning, moping, sweeping, waxing, scrubbing, polishing.
  • Restroom Cleaning and Sanitation  clean,disinfected,stocked with paper goods and leave the restroom odorless.
  • Break Room / Kitchen areas cleaned, including sinks, tables, chairs, microwaves, stainless polished, refill paper and soap.           * Floor Disinfecting/Cleaning with a quaternary disinfectant               germicidal cleaner.​
  • Anything Else? We'll get that too.