Floor Cleaning

Our floor cleaning service is about making you shine.


Perhaps you want a glossy look or a wet look? or maybe a matte finish is what you are after? By knowing what your goals are, will help us make better recommendations to you on maintaining the floor and keeping the look after the stripping and waxing is done.


Before new wax can be put on the tile floor, the old wax has to be removed. The process of removing the old wax is called “stripping”. The process is also a “wet” process, meaning that we use liquid chemicals that are mixed with water. While the floor is being stripped, it will be necessary to maintain a “traffic free” area, due to the floor becoming very slippery and even dangerous if someone falls. We prefer to do our Stripping and Waxing service after normal business hours, however we can do it during business hours if necessary, to suit your needs.


Now that the old wax has been removed, its time to start laying down the new wax. The process of putting down new wax is generally done in layers or “coats of wax” and will require a period of traffic free time. The number of layers sometimes will vary depending on the Floor Waxing Service Provider, however you should be getting quotes on what we refer to as 100% coverage. The way we come up with 100% coverage is the ratio of solids to liquids that are in the wax. What the heck is a solids to liquid ratio? Right? Well, without getting too scientific, let me explain. Lets say that we are going to use 1 gallon of wax as 1 coat of wax. The wax that we will be using in this example, is 25% solids. So, in this example, we will need 4 coats of wax. That’s, 25% x 4 = 100%

Drying time between layers of wax will also vary but usually 30 minutes to an hour is average. There is also a period of about 4 hours after the last coat before using the floor again or putting furniture back on the floor. Also, the moisture in the air or humidity can play a roll in drying time as well.

Got an old tile floor that needs a little TLC? We will put a shine your old VCT floor and make your VCT tile floors snap to attention.